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johari_logo_mJohari’s Miale Social Development and Enterprise Projects based in Kenya are helping communities in Kibera and Kandara towards a self sufficient future. Education, Health, Life-skills and Economic Development are creating positive opportunities.

Johari Designs is a Johari Kenya not for profit Social Enterprise established in 2008. It delivers training for vulnerable young adults through the Johari Apprenticeship Project and provides economic support to the Miale Social Development Projects.




Training involves an 18 month curriculum in tailoring, material sourcing and jewellery making skills and helps young adults develop the talents they need to find employment. Many of the adults who work with Johari Designs today are graduates of the Johari Apprenticeship Project and have contributed to building a successful Social Enterprise. They have made a positive impact on their own life and are helping others with 100% of profit from the sale of Johari products being fed back into the Miale Social Development Projects. The aim is that over time the projects will become fully funded from Johari Designs profits.


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There are currently 103 children over 4 schools in Miale Child Support Project (Kibera) and 88 children in 9 different schools in Miale Outreach (Kandara). We help with the following –

  • Tuition fees, exams and registration of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Standard 8 exam
  • School uniform, school equipment and lunch
  • Weekly and monthly food essentials to ensure good nutrition
  • Counselling sessions with children and their guardians to maintain structure and relationships
  • Education and skills development for Guardians
  • Peer group discussions to build relationships and confidence
  • Out of school activities include a Library, Miale Sports Project, Miale Craft Club, etc.

Miale Scholarships are available for children attaining the best grades in Class 8 and enable them to join the Secondary schools in their area paying for school fees, school uniform, food, etc. Children with lower marks can access vocational training and acquire new skills through the Miale Vocational Project which supports young adults who have a specific interest in fashion and textiles, hairdressing, mechanics, etc. For those interested in fashion and design they have an opportunity to join the 18 month apprenticeship project run by our social enterprise Johari Designs leading to employment within the organisation.